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Thursday, November 30, 2006

making a niche

Thanks for the comments, spork and aurora! :D

So, in addition to knitting compulsively, I have this other unfortunate and clutter-making response to stress...

as you can see now that I have photos up, I bring an inordinate amount of stuff back to school with me every time I go home because I think it will make the dorm a nicer, more relaxing place to be.

You know what? It does! But I've been so busy trying to put the room together that I've had almost ZERO time to knit. Also, dadsock no. 2 has been frustrating: I had to frog 22 rows of herringbone color pattern because I messed up! waah! At first I couldn't figure out why it happened: the first sock went off without a hitch! Then I realized. I was trying to read, and later discuss, HEIDEGGER while I knit the beginning of the sock. Frankly, I don't think anyone can be expected to knit anything beautiful while reading about how Angst causes the Da-sein to be "held out into" Das Nicht. aaaaauugh! I'm really looking forward to next week, when HRP will be discussing Husserl, Heidegger's teacher, over brunch in Jordan Hall of Pforzheimer House, at which lovely gathering I shall NOT try to knit. :)

I've made a decision, though, which is that I'm going to submit the Noro Sweater Pattern, which remains unwritten so far but well-dreamed, to MagKnits. Cross your fingers for me. If they take it, they'll buy the rest of the yarn (!!!). Now, wouldn't that be pleasant?

In other news, I think I'm going to try to use up all that hideous yarn I bought when I was younger. The purple and pink stuff. From when I thought I wanted a purple-and-pink striped sweater. I kind of like the purple stuff...I'm thinking I'll knit the Mason-Dixon Knitting "perfect sweater". The only trouble is that I'm afraid I don't have enough of the purple...I may in fact have to resort to pink stripes...horrors! Maybe I'll knit it for someone else. Someone I don't like. But who don't I like? Dilemmas, dilemmas... I'll just have to reexamine the stash.

Well, when this mess is cleaned up, anyway. My suitcase is blocking Rachel's path to the bathroom.


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