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Friday, December 15, 2006

Hey knitting (and non-knitting) sweeties,

This is the season of giving. No matter what culture you're from, as long as you're in this hemisphere, this is the season for giving. Why? Because it gets cold. It gets dark. People get sad. People get sick. People need help.

Also, if you celebrate some religio-cultural-commercial holiday that involves gift-giving, there's that too. (SO MANY CHRISTMAS/SOLSTICE KNITTING PROJECTS TO FINISH AUGH!!!)

Mischa and I were talking about charity knitting the other day. We're not big on it. We think it's pretty inefficient. And kind of twee (myself, I'm nostalgic for the days of British RAF knitting. I'm a little bit twee and lame myself).

And this is why we love Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Tricoteuses Sans Frontieres (that's Knitters Without Borders). The mission statement is basically "if you can afford yarn and coffee, you should donate to MSF" (Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders). She's keeping a running tally of the amount of money that knitters donate to MSF, and count is currently $121,712 (since January '05). She's just issued a winter challenge to double that sum. Read about it on her blog.

Seriously guys, why not? I mean, I'm an HFAI gal all the way and I'm frequently very short on cash, but I have a good work-study job (two, actually) and I'm definitely a luxury knitter, as are most of us. I also have been known to go to Toscanini's and buy a cappuccino or a croissant (is anyone else going to miss Toscanini's as much as I am in the next 6 months? WAAAH!), or to felipe's, unos, noch's, etc. when I don't particularly need to. I'm going to lop off a chunk of my budget this month and put it in the pool. Do it too! You know you want to. :)

US people can donate here
Canadians can donate here
other countries can donate here

There are lots of other ways to help out right now, too. If you're in Harvard Square/Cambridge/Boston and you're not leaving just yet, the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter really needs winter break volunteers. I know it hasn't been very cold yet this winter, but the chill and snow will come, and people will need warm food and a place to sleep. You can help out with that. You might also think about donating your time, money, and/or clothing to Rosie's Place. And I'll leave the myriad other ways to make a difference up to you creative readers. Please comment if you have a particularly good idea. Spork, can you leave a comment about microloans?

Much love,


PS. Second Dadsock is minutes away from completion!

PPS. Anyone else FREAKED OUT by the weather we're having? Climate Change: NOT A JOKE. Turn of your lights. Turn down your heaters. Unplug those chargers that aren't connected to anything. As Brenda Dayne of Cast On would say: "Remember: if you're cold, put on a sweater. That's what they're for."

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Blogger spork said...


Kiva is a really cool microfinancing site that lets you loan small amounts of money (ie, $25) to low-income entrepreneurs in the developing world.

You can read about the businesses that need sponsors, loan some money to them, and get updates on what they're doing with your loan.

Just think - the $25 that would otherwise just chill in your checking account could help someone build a future.

They've gotten a lot of good press. Check it out.

Also worth looking at:
A Drop in the Ocean, a microfinance group run by Harvard students.

Opportunity International, a Christian group that has a donor giving $10 for each person who fills our their short form (I did it two months ago, and they haven't spammed me yet!)


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