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Thursday, December 28, 2006

knonstop knittage!

Guys! Guys!

Knitting is addictive! Somebody call the DEA. Seriously.

Okay, so I finished one teva durham loopdloop glove, one sock, one twinkletoe. That's in addition to the wee ninja, the dadsocks, and the momsock. I haven't even started the wristwarmers for my friend at Hampshire. And what happens?

Darn that fiona, she gives me three skeins of Noro Kureyon color no. 150, which is seriously the most beautiful and my most favoritest of colorways. And what did I do? Like a fool, I started knitting it. (Fool! Fool! I hear you cry)

Still no camera, but I started a "phases of the moon" scarf (which is nice, but I am designing it on the fly, so it's not, like, all Teva Durham or whatever). It's about 4 feet long. What it is, is a bunch of repeats of a lace (or rather, "giant hole", because can you really call it lace if you're knitting it on size 7 needles?) circle with various degrees of crescent, from a solid circle (new moon) to a full-of-holes circle (full moon), and then back again. I finished the waxing and am well into the waning. It's a very skinny scarf, though it will hopefully be a little less skinnny after blocking (you should see this thing roll!), and I hope it will be long long long.

And oh yeah, it's my first scarf EVARR. I always thought they were too boring for me.

Boring! Hah! Not when it's got the phases of the moon in it!

And after this, I'm going to knit Binary for my roomie. :) In lovely neon acrylic colors. Lovely, lovely, lovely. $1.50 a skein at Long's drugs. HAH!


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