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Thursday, March 01, 2007

one monkey don't stop the show

So I fell off the blogging wagon for a while. So what? I've been knitting!

I broke my crappy digital camera, though, while travelling, and I have a ton of homework, so this was just a post to convince myself to post. More later, when roomie gets home and I can hijack her camera... though I may just switch back to the Asahi Pentax (ca. '71) single-lens reflex, because I do love it so.

That photo up there is me and the shmee and polly the cat in my native land (Arcata!), using a futon and some towels to block a 6-ft plus lacey scarf I knitted out of the Noro Kureyon fiona gave me for Christmas... sadly, it was my first attempt at blocking, so I stupidly blocked it with the smooth side of the stockinette up... so
it curled right up again soon. BOOO.
Hopefully the "extra-long, extra-narrow" college bed will work for blocking attempt no. 2!



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