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Friday, August 10, 2007

crafting in my backyard

This is what I'm doing instead of reading Sartre on this beautiful summer day:

no sock blockers?

no problem!

i feel so clever.

actually, I think you can blame The Decemberists. I just started listening to them, and they're making me cleverer than I really am.

This is a really cute little victorian lace sock (from the six sox knitalong, which I just joined), knitted toe up in baby alpaca silk yarn, with a picot bind-off. phew! I was supposed to sell it and its so-far-hypothetical mate to my mom for her friend's three-year-old, but she felt the price was too high ($20? for your daughter? psh), so I'm going to make her some plain stockinette socks and see if I can sell these on etsy instead. I love my little sock blocker.... if you can't tell from the pictures, I traced the outline of the sock onto the back of an old spiral-bound notebook, and then just cut it out.... now it just needs to be waterproofed. I think covering it with packing tape will do the trick, but I'm not sure.

In other news...

my mom bought me this yarn from Solutions*
because I only have ugly purses
and she wants me to knit
a new, non-ugly one.

* Solutions: Arcata’s Environmentally Sound Products Store 928 9th St. Arcata, CA 95521. (707) 822-6972. They have no website.

It's destined to become an eco-friendly Brea Bag. Good road trip knitting, I think! (I'm driving from Arcata to Boston with a friend, starting on the 20th)

So, that's the knitting news. Now I'm off to Redwood Park to knit purple little stockinette socks for a three-year-old, bask in the sunlight, and, maybe, read Sartre. Happy knitting!


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i LOVE you for doing this

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