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Monday, September 03, 2007

sad and happy in cambridge

sadly, I have no digital camera still, and therefore no photos of my own of my roadtrip (lots on my travelling companion's camera!). also sadly, a few of my knitting needles are wandering aimlessly around the driveaway car I just drove cross-country, and will be very hard to retrieve.

happily, I made it to cambridge with relatively few mishaps and without overdrawing my bank account! (that's a first for any major vacation of mine). also happily, I bought some really fun, semi-variegated orange-ish yarn at Ewe Can Knit in Pittsburgh (which is a cool store and an even cooler city), destined to be a scarf for Hannukah or Xmas for some lovely manly friend of mine.

finished but for finishing:
1. my knee highs!
2. a very fun cozy... pics next time!
3. my brea bag
4. fi's loop-d-loop gloves (cheating here, actually, because I still have to knit 1 thumb)
5. one of my travelling companion's super cool birthday socks! the other one is not even begun. soon, though!

loved (in no particular order): little towns outside boulder, pittsburgh, hanging out with my parents' friends, tribeca, the george washington bridge, highway 1, burbank, visiting my brother, the grand canyon (especially talking about furries and fluffers and so on in french and bambara with my friend on her birthday while we hiked!), santa fe, ann arbor.

hated: nebraska, the ridiculous toll roads on the east coast, getting hit while parked by some asshole at night in DC, getting pulled over, having such a full car, going to target and wal-mart today, having to capture a cockroach in winthrop house.

also, I am very sad that the roadtrip is over, happy to have a few plans for the next year, sad to no longer be in arcata with my good friends, happy to be in cambridge with other good friends, sad to have to stick my nose to the grindstone, happy that I get to choose so much of that grindstone, sad to have to apply for fellowships, and very very happy to get to write a million very exciting letters in the next few days.

and that's about it!


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